When it comes to equipping a medical facility, it is not enough to have a supplier who can provide the devices you need. The rapid advance of medical technology and the shifting needs of healthcare mean that medical facilities need to form ongoing partnerships with their suppliers. They need industry experts who can supply the equipment, and then train and support their staff, keeping them apprised of upgrades and new practices. It is, therefore, very important that you select your supplier carefully.

Glenmed  Professional Healthcare Solutions is a well-established supplier of medical devices, bringing the world’s top brands to the hospitals and medical practices of South Africa and surrounding countries. We have put together a list of questions you must ask potential suppliers before you commit. These will help you ensure that you find the right fit for your needs.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Supplier for Medical Devices

When approaching a medical device supplier, always keep in mind that you are not simply buying devices; you are searching for a medical equipment partner and service provider who will give you the equipment and ongoing service you need. Ask the following five questions to determine if you have found the right one.

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1. “Tell Me About Your Quality Control Standards”

Product quality is your first consideration. There are many different medical devices and brands on the market, and not all of them are of high quality. You need to know that your supplier is selective, knowledgeable about the industry, and informed about what devices to choose and why. They should be committed to upholding ISO certification criteria and have a strong quality control team in place.

2. “How Would My Total Value Of Ownership (TVO) Be Better With You Than With Your Competitors?”

TVO is the key when it comes to medical equipment. It is a concept that encompasses the additional added value a customer gets over and above the product itself. In other words, aside from supplying devices to you, what additional value can your supplier give you? Responses should include such things as advanced delivery programs, special packages, training, after-sale service, and expertise that can help you get more from your machines.

3. “I Need A Device For ________. What Options Are Available And What Is The Best One?”

Aside from approaching our specific needs head-on, this question also enables you to test your supplier’s knowledge. If you mention a specific procedure, they should immediately know what kind of devices you require to carry it out. This demonstrates their knowledge of healthcare practices and technology. By discussing different alternatives with you, they show their knowledge and expertise in the medical device market.

4. “What Training And Support Do You Provide After A Sales Agreement Is Concluded?”

The answer to this question should be that your supplier is eager to be your partner in the long term, offering initial training in the use of a particular device, as well as technical support and follow-up training further down the line.

5. “How Will You Delivery Systems Improve The Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness Of My Facility?”

Medical equipment – especially from the world’s leading brands – can be expensive. They are necessities nonetheless. You need to know that your supplier will do everything they can to offset unit prices through advanced delivery systems that will lower your total costs. This could be through streamlined work processes, or by recommending less expensive alternatives that will do the job just as well.

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