In June 2021, the WHO released a list of medical devices for the management of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The aim of the list is to help healthcare providers to diagnose and manage heart conditions and diabetes, reducing hospitalisations and deaths whilst saving precious resources.

Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions has read the list and offers a brief introduction to its guidelines and stipulations.

What Devices Do Healthcare Providers Need To Deal With Cardiovascular Diseases?

Non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular conditions and diabetes, are responsible for 74% of deaths globally. Around 15 million people die prematurely each year as a result of these conditions. The WHO devised the new list to provide effective guidelines for the treatment of these diseases, in a bid to reduce the incidence of serious illness and death that result from them. It also released a medical devices information system and clearing house, called MeDevIS, where professionals in the healthcare industry can get more information on the listed devices and how to use them.

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Essential Guidelines for High-Burden Diseases

The list is one of a series that the international body has released prioritising devices for a variety of high-burden diseases, including cancer and COVID-19. Experts have used the latest available evidence to compile these lists of the essential machines needed to prevent, diagnose and treat the various diseases. The guidelines are general and global in scope and should be adapted to national local circumstances as needed. The hope is that, by following these guidelines, medical professionals can improve their ability to reduce the soaring annual death toll associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and – most recently – COVID-19.

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Ask Glenmed About Medical Technology

Glenmed is a licensed South African distributor for some of the world’s most trusted medical technology brands. Read the WHO’s list and contact us for more information about the devices you need to upgrade your healthcare facility’s capacity to fight cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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