GLENMED is the authorised distributor for Philips Medical Systems for Patient Monitoring Systems (PMS) and Ultrasound (US) in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa for over 21 years.

Why is Good Medical Equipment So Important for Patient Care?

The focus of every healthcare service provider should be on providing the very best of care for their charges. Good care starts with making the right diagnoses – and for that healthcare providers need access to the latest medical equipment. What’s more, in pressured work environments, the last thing harried healthcare workers need to worry about is outdated or failing equipment, or how to properly use it – that’s where a professional healthcare solutions provider like GLENMED steps up to the plate.

We’re a Leading Medical Equipment Supplier

GLENMED is a professional healthcare solutions provider based in Durban, South Africa. We provide medical equipment and medical consumables to healthcare facilities and healthcare providers across Southern Africa. As part of our offering, we offer in-service training and 24-hour support to our clients.

For twenty one years, we’ve been an authorised distributor of patient monitoring systems and ultrasound for Philips Medical Systems in KwaZulu-Natal. We’re also the sole distributors for Fluke Biomedical in Southern Africa. Read more about our company

We’re here to make life easier…

Upgrade Debriefs

We’ll discuss any product and software upgrades from our various suppliers with you, so that your medical equipment knowledge and skills remain current.

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Free Training

We offer two free training sessions in which you’ll be encouraged to participate in equipment set-up, and acquire the skills needed to operate the products to their full potential.

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GLENMED – Professional Healthcare Solutions

GLENMED aims to continue developing even more competitively the Healthcare equipment needs of the KZN Region and the Biomedical Test equipment and Simulation markets in Southern Africa.

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