Let Glenmed Support You!

A major focus of our business, and critical to our success, has been our strategy of providing excellent customer service and support.

Product Training

A core benefit to our customers when they purchase medical equipment systems from us is receiving two free product training sessions.

Philips Training

Master your state-of-the art Philips medical system through product and clinical applications education.

Fluke Training

Keep your skills current and product knowledge up-to-date with Fluke Biomedical’s Advantage Training.

Product and Software Upgrades

Don’t let outdated medical equipment systems get the better of you! We’ll keep you informed of new model releases, and offer you trade-in programmes with the support of Philips, where available. We’ll also keep you posted about software updates from our suppliers so that you’re always armed with full knowledge about your medical products.

Internal Training

We train ourselves, too! Internal training is an ongoing practice, and the product knowledge and skills of our sales, service and support staff are continuously updated by a member of staff who has been for official training. In order to ensure that we can offer you the most up-to-date support and advice, the GLENMED team also attends conferences and training workshops abroad.