Vue Ultrasound Gel 250ml bottle

Vue Ultrasound Gel
Vue Ultrasound Gel is for the transmission of ultrasonic waves in medical ultrasound procedures, providing optimal transmission. Professional, water soluble and hypoallergenic.
As specialists in gels for clinical applications, we’ve formulated Vue Ultrasound Gel to offer the ideal viscosity for a wide variety of procedures. Working with our network of clinical contacts, and responding to their expert feedback, we’ve developed this product to be as effective and easy to use as possible.
Why Vue Ultrasound Gel?
Offers superb ‘standoff’ for superficial scanning
Hypoallergenic, water-soluble and non-sticky, ensuring maximum patient comfort
Doesn’t stain or damage skin, clothing or transducers
Contains no salt
Excellent viscosity
Available in a range of sizes to suit different situations

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Single-use bottle promotes infection control procedures, while letting you dispense large amounts of gel easily onto the patient’s skin.
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Vue Ultrasound Gel 250ml bottle
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FTM 302
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