VitaScan PD – A portable bladder scanner

VitaScan PD – A portable bladder scanner. intuative and reliable.
The user controls the scanning from one button on the Scanner or the touchscreen. Easy-mode implemented: get instant volume calculations real-time.
There are three scan depth:

10cm: Designed for Children.

16cm: Designed for Adults.

23cm: Designed for Obese.

Key Features

Real-time 3D Ultrasound Bladder Scanner.

No sonographer skills needed.

One button controls the scanner start and stop.

Automatic Urinary Bladder volume calculation in large digits

Fully automatic multi-plane scans from one position on the body.

Simple, intuitive software with Touch-Screen

USB port to save on external memory device

Integrated carry handle

Integrated thermal printer

Battery operated

Easy-mode Feature

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VitaScan PD

  • Non-invasive bladder scanners reduces the number of urinary tract infections across the hospital, and reveals postoperative retention.
  • The use of Bladder Scanners preserves patients’ intimate sphere. VitaScan LT also supports bladder retraining with clinical data.
  • Avoid unnecessary catheterization, save time and reduce cost. Learn more about the benefit of using VitaScan bladder scanner.

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