RaySafe i3 Real-time Dose Monitoring System

Features and benefits

RaySafe i3 offers the following important benefits

  • Replaceable battery prolonged life cycle
  • The new radiation dosimeter has a replaceable battery, which means that longevity depends solely on wear and tear.
    Better immunity to interference
  • RaySafe i2 dosimeters are sensitive to certain cell phone signals. The new real-time dosimeter is greatly improved in this regard no interference has been observed during heavy testing.
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • Only active dosimeters will populate the screen, regardless of where the inactive units are stored.
  • Enhanced measurement performance
  • Wider angular response means that radiation coming from below and from the sides is measured in a predictable fashion. Lowered dose rate threshold results in improved response when used with the latest low dose X-ray machines.



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RaySafe i3

The RaySafe i3 is an active dosimetry system that provides real-time insights about radiation exposure, helping medical staff and physicians evaluate and directly adjust their behaviours and more effectively use all the radiation reduction solutions provided in the room.

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