Micro NeoLead IEC, radiolucent lead Electrode

Micro NeoLead IEC, radiolucent lead 

  • The delicate, fragile nature of the smallest patients in the NICU calls for specialized care right from the start.
  • Philips NeoLeadTM electrodes offer stable and reliable ECG monitoring designed for the needs of neonates and infants in the humid environment of an incubator. Each NeoLead is designed specifically to stay attached for five to seven days while being gentle on skin, providing consistent monitoring and limiting false alarms, interruptions, and excess costs.
  • Philips NeoLeads support Developmental Care practices with features to support parental interaction, a vital step for both parents and child at a crucial stage of development.
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  • Micro NeoLead IEC, radiolucent lead
    Electrode (98980318315)Pouch of 3 radiolucent pre-attached leadwire (60cm) pediatric/neonatal electrodes. Hydrogel/Hydrocolloid adhesive. IEC, Standard DIN connector. 25mm x 9.5mm. 50 pouches/box











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