M1943AL Spo2 Extension cable

  • Adapts 9-pin sensors to 8-pin sockets
Use the M1943 A and M1943AL cable whenever you need to adapt a 9-pin sensor to an 8-pin socket.
  • Long cable length
3 m (9.8 ft) cable length. The long cable adapts to a variety of room configurations
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Multi-patient, 8-pin to 9-pin D-sub adapter cable, 3 m (9.8 ft)

Pulse oximetry supplies

Designed for use with Philips SpO₂ monitors and sensors, the M1943AL adapter cable is 3 m  in length and features a D-sub connector. It adapts 9-pin sensors to 8-pin sockets. It can be used with these sensors: M1131A, M1132A, M1133A, M1134A, M1140A, M1191T, M1192T, M1193T and M1196T.

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