M1193A Reusable, neonatal SpO₂ wrap sensor

  • Comfortable for neonates
“The M1193A SpO2 sensor is designed to comfortably cradle your neonatal patient’s foot or hand in its soft silicone material. With a comprehensive warranty,* the M1193A sensor withstands the rigors of repeated use.
  • Designed for FAST-SpO₂
Our pulse oximetry sensors are designed specifically for Philips proprietary FAST-SpO₂ (Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology) algorithm. Together, they reduce effects from patient movement, electronic interference, ambient light and low perfusion.
  • Durable and validated
All our SpO₂ sensors undergo demanding testing to make sure they meet Philips standards.


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M1193A Reusable, neonatal SpO₂ wrap sensor

  • Pulse oximetry supplies

The reusable Philips M1193A neonatal sensor wraps securely on the hand or foot of patients weighing 1 – 4 kg (2.2 – 8.8 lbs). Durable and comfortable, it is manufactured without latex.

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