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  • Patient-focused surveillance unifies patient records
    IntelliSpace Perinatal provides a comprehensive clinical record of care for the mother and new-born. The surveillance functions present information that is transmitted from fetal and fetal/maternal monitors and generate alerts for critical events. Philips worked with the Department of Obstetrics and the Laboratory of Computer Science of the Massachusetts General Hospital¹, incorporating their knowledge, expertise, and years of experience into the development of IntelliSpace Perinatal.
  • Alerting and storage to support clinical excellence
    Philips fetal and maternal monitors, cordless transducers, and departmental information system span the obstetrical care continuum. Our technologies are designed to contribute to improved staff efficiency and support the patient environment. Basic and advanced fetal trace alerting make you immediately aware of critical events. Display IntelliSpace Perinatal alerts even when other clinical applications are in use—no dedicated PC required.
  • Universal access to information improves efficiency
    IntelliSpace Perinatal can be accessed virtually wherever patient information is needed – from patient bedside and delivery room, central station, nurse lounge, and physician’s home or office. Easy access to well-organized information improves efficiency, allowing you to focus more attention on patients and achieve the best quality of care.
  • Interfacing to improve efficiency and help reduce errors
    HL7-based ADT link allows demographic data to be downloaded from the HIS and can report transfers and discharges to the HIS. IntelliSpace Pernatal can be fully integrated into the hospital MS Domain infrastructure including user authentication via Microsoft Active Directory services. HL7 export can send a configurable set of flowsheet data including vital signs, derived fetal heart rate parameters, alerts and notes to third-party charting systems.
  • Modular design for flexibility and efficiency
    The system is highly scalable. It can be configured as simple non-stress test (NST) system, as centralized departmental surveillance solution and as a complete departmental point-of -care surveillance and charting solution that allows fetal, maternal, and newborn charting at every bedside.
  • Remote access enhances clinical responsiveness
    An authorized care provider can gain read/write access to IntelliSpace Perinatal from any PC on the hospital LAN (OB department or physician’s office) or remotely via secure connection from home.
  • Runs alongside other applications for added convenience
    IntelliSpace Perinatal runs alongside third-party applications and can be minimized to an icon while users work with other applications. The icon, which is always visible, registers alert situations, and provides charting reminders for time sensitive tasks.
  • Data security to protect sensitive information
    IntelliSpace Perinatal helps your hospital comply with confidentiality and security regulations through many built-in features. It includes standard user and data authentication as well as user authentication via Microsoft® Active Directory service. Audit trails track which patient records were accessed and by whom, and track all clinical configuration changes. Physical security and disaster recovery is provided. Patient aliases are created and routine reporting is supported.
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Perinatal information system

Philips IntelliSpace Perinatal, an obstetrics information management solution, is designed to provide comprehensive coverage across the obstetrical care continuum—from the first antepartum visit to delivery, and postpartum follow-up visits.

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