IDA-5 Infusion Pump Tester and Analyser

Key Features


  • Compatible with virtually any type of infusion device
  • Tests up to four infusion pumps at the same time
  • Customizable test templates for quick and standardized infusion device testing
  • Real-time snapshots of flow and pressure for immediate issue recognition
  • Convenient and easy data entry with plug-n-play, USB compatible, keyboard or barcode scanner
  • Instantaneous and average flow measurement of up to 1500 ml/hr
  • Single-flow, dual-flow (piggyback) and PCA testing
  • Auto-start mode enables unit to begin testing only when fluid is detected to maximize accuracy
  • Ability to automatically end flow measurement based on user-defined time, volume or both
  • Compatible with a wide variety of off-the-shelf printers
  • Built-in memory to save test results for printing or downloading to computer
  • Optional automation software completely integrates medical device testing including electrical safety, visual inspection and other performance parameters for total digital data management
  • Tethers with other Fluke Biomedical automated test devices for harmonized workflow and reporting
  • Global support network delivers prompt service to Fluke Biomedical customers worldwide
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IDA-5 Infusion Pump Tester and Analyser

Based on sophisticated measurement technology trusted by biomedical professionals around the world, the IDA-5 is a multi-channel infusion device analyzer that can test up to 4 infusion pumps at once. The IDA-5 has built-in automation allowing users to create custom test templates for quick, standardized testing of IV pump devices with minimal user intervention.

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