F8004 multi-air tester

F8004 multi-air tester

Bedfont’s F8004 multi-air tester is ideal for both medical and dental air testing for a wide range of gasses and contaminants all within one device. Designed to provide a quick and easy method for carrying out accurate testing of breathing-air supplies, the Multi-Air Tester is the latest addition to the Medi-Gas Check range of portable medical gas analysers for pipelines.
With robust casing and a 7” touchscreen colour display, the F8004 has been designed to test against a range of international standards including EU Pharmacopoeia, HTM 02-01, HTM2022 Supplement 1. The instrument can also test breathing-air supplies to EN 12021, CGA G-7.1-2011 grade D and AS-NZS 1715:2009.

The F8004 incorporates electronic sensors for to measure gas quality and contaminants and a PID sensor to test for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A sample test point for Dräger Impactors is used to test for the presence of oil aerosols, whilst an electronic dewpoint meter measures moisture content.

Modes and Results
The F8004 has 2 monitoring modes; individual site tests or continuous monitoring. The Multi-Air Tester can store up to 21 individual tests in the instrument’s memory which can be ‘tagged’ with the name/location and viewed via the full-colour touchscreen.
Alternatively, the F8004 can be set up to continuously monitor a point and store up to 3 months’ worth of data on the device. All results can be downloaded to a PC using the FREE software provided with the instrument.
Fully portable, the F8004 can has internal rechargeable batteries that last up to 3 hours for one-off tests, but also has a mains power supply allowing the instrument to be set up and left for up to 3 months at a time for continuous live sensor readings and logging.
Technical Specifications
Sensor Type
Electrochemical (NO and NO2 sensor)
Non-Dispersive Infrared
Photoionisation Detector (PID)
-100°C to +20°C Pressure Dewpoint
Ceramic Moisture Sensor Dewpoint Meter

Test Port
Impactor for oil aerosols and Dräger detector tubes
Individual test results and continuous data logging files can be downloaded via a USB A to B cable provided with the instrument

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Bedfont F8004 multi-air tester

Safe air testing
for medical and
dental air.

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