• EchoNavigator R3 – intuitively fusing live X-ray and live echo
    Get greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem during CHD and SHD procedures through SmartFusion. EchoNavigator R3 automatically fuses live 3D TEE and live X-ray in real time so you can intuitively guide your device in the 3D space more quickly.
  • X8-2t Designed for next-generation Live 3D Tee
    The acoustic design of the Philips X8-2t Live 3D transesophageal transducer provides higher frequencies and bandwidth for increased resolution and tissue filling in 2D and Live 3D. It brings true one-beat acquisitions and our highest volume rates in Live 3D and Live 3D colour flow without compromise to image quality. Its handle is designed with a real-time configurable function button allowing for additional functionality while imaging.
  • Cardiac TrueVue
    For better visualisation of interventional devices, Philips cardiology TrueVue, with its virtual light source, is a proprietary and advanced 3D ultrasound display method. TrueVue makes it simpler to visualise the location of catheters and devices by providing images with tissue detail and depth perception. Since it offers a viewing context for the echo images, caregivers in the interventional suite can rely on support when communicating complicated echo images and enhance their procedural confidence.
  • Multivue Designed for informative images
    During an interventional procedure, MultiVue on the Philips EPIQ CVx provides you with one-click cropping of Live 3D images, and one-click alignment of the catheter within the cardiology anatomy. This helps you provide the right image at the right moment, or to make faster 3D measurements, for example for device sizing during mitral valve repair. 94% of clinicians* who saw the new EPIQ CVx thought the EPIQ MultiVue alignment tool could help reduce the risk of choosing an incorrectly sized device during interventional procedures**.
  • EchoNavigator R3
    The new EchoNavigator R3 provides automatic cardiac landmarks and their overlay on x-ray images help to better understand anatomical location of catheters and devices driving increased procedure speed without sacrificing accuracy or safety and help to simplify communication within different caregivers in the interventional suite.
  • A screen built to be seen
    The 22-inch, 2nd generation OLED monitor on the Philips EPIQ CVxi gives you an image 38% larger than traditional ultrasound image with no loss of resolution. As well as a 180° viewing angle, it also delivers a greater dynamic range, and a wider colour range over its predecessor. This enhances your view of side-by-side, colour compare, xPlane, Live 3D, and MPRs even in bright environments like the cath lab.
  • A user interface designed for cardiovascular challenges
    To keep your most-used controls where you want them, the Philips EPIQ CVxi has a user-configurable layout of the controls you’ve told us are most meaningful to you, and a tablet-like interface, letting you pinch, zoom and rotate even your 3D datasets. 86% of clinicians* who saw the new EPIQ CVxi thought that the new cardiac user interface would help make ultrasound guided procedures more streamlined**.
  • Live Echo and Live x-Ray fusion
    Greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem through SmartFusion. EchoNavigator R3 automatically fuses live 3DTEE and live X-ray in real time so you can intuitively guide your device in the 3D space more quickly.
  • MaxVue
    With the touch of a button, MaxVue brings full high-definition display quality to ultrasound imaging.
  • Fully EchoNavigator R3 integration
    EchoNavigator R3 is directly integrated on-cart of EPIQ CVxi, providing the unique live fusion imaging between Ultrasound and the Cath Lab, with an exclusive interface to improve communication between the echocardiographer and interventionalist.
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Premium interventional cardiology ultrasound system

EPIQ CVxi is a new direction for interventional echo guidance, featuring a premium level of clinical performance across a wide range of patients and interventional procedures to meet the challenges of today’s demanding practices. It enables the visualization and the control of the new EchoNavigator R3, directly on the system, providing a new streamlined workflow experience of live fusion imaging.

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EPIQ CVx cardiovascular ultrasound system

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EPIQ CVx feature and user experience

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