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Cardioline ECGWebApp is an innovative, web based “Multimodality ECG workflow management
Cardioline’s ECGWebApp is an innovative, state-ofthe-art web-based application for multimodality ECG
reporting and storage. Accredited End-Users are given
access through any Internet browser, with no need for
individual PC-based installation.
ECGWebApp receives ECGs that have been completed
and transmitted by Cardioline devices and other
competitor devices (see compatible standards), saving
them on its database. ECGWebApp is a very flexible
and powerful tool, scalable to complex environments
and operational in a variety of situations, from a wide
Internet infrastructure to a local network (intranet).
ECGWebApp is perfectly suitable for any scenario, from
complex e-health networks to hospital archives and
private practice offices

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ECGWebApp Holter

ECGWebApp Holter is a web database, GDPR compliant, managing full Holter workflow, from the execution of the recording to the final reading. Both the uploading stations – where the recordings are prepared and uploaded – and the reading stations, can be placed anywhere within the health institution, or even outside.

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