DPM4 Vacuum Pressure Tester

Key Features
Palm Size
High accuracy
Differential pressure, vacuum, and temperature measurements
Multiple user-selectable units of measurements
Simultaneous display of multiple parameter measurements
Leak detection/leak-rate calculation
RS232 for computer control
Pressure measurements from -700 mmHg to +5000 mmHg range (applies to the 1G and 2G models only)
Barometric-pressure, flow, and humidity measurements (applies to the 2G and 2H models only)


Tubing Kit with Inflation Bulb (part# 2461946)for testing NIBP. Kit includes:4095363 Bulb & Valve Assembly (Briggs Sphygmomanometers)3539038 2461932 Luer Lock (male 0.106 ID)3539045 2461933 Luer Lock (barbed female 0.107 ID2215997 Quick-disconnect fitting (1/8″)2216266 49303 T-fitting (1/8″ X3 PP)889050 PVC Sleeving (.125 clear)3569098 MSJ-4406 Dual Lock 400 (Lockfast #SJ-3541)1259450 Factory base warranty (1 year)

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DPM4 Parameter Tester

DPM4 Parameter Tester is a highly accurate meter for testing a wide range of medical devices. Key features include its lightweight, compact size and battery operation. The DPM4 is ideal for the testing done as part of preventive maintenance or repair processes whenever measurement of pressure, flow, or relative humidity is required.

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