IRMA LH Blood Analysis System

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IRMA LH Blood Analysis System

Intuitive, First-of-a-Kind IRMA® App User Interface for Simple Operation
Color touchscreen with video tips easily guides you through the testing process.
Easy on-board printing and wireless connectivity to external printers and electronic information systems.
Best-in-Class Convenience and Reliability with No Maintenance Required
Room temperature test cartridges are ready when you are.
Solid state operation with no moving parts ensures the highest reliability and is ready when needed most.
Zero-means-Zero Maintenance allows you to focus on your patients rather than servicing equipment.
Exceptional Clinical Performance
Built on the trusted IRMA® platform with over 24 years of experience.
Self-calibration prior to each test prevents lost patient samples.

Unprecedented analytical performance yielding results 99.6% of the time.

portable Ranges Measured
6.000-8.000 pH units
4.0-200.0 mmHg (0.53-26.66 kPa)
20.0-700.0 mmHg (2.67-93.33 kPa)
80.0-200.0 (mM, mEq/L)
1.00-20.00 (mM, mEq/L)
0.20-5.00 mM(0.40-10.00 mEq/L; 0.80-20.00 mg/dL)
10.0-80.0% (.100-.800 SI)

General Specifications
Minimum Blood Sample Size
0.2mL from a 1cc syringe
0.125mL from the IRMA® LH Capillary Collection Device
Data Storage
20,000 patient test records
Cartridge Storage Temperature
15-30°C / 59-86°F

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The IRMA® Experience Means Dependability from Start-2-Finish
The IRMA® App with the 8″ touch screen with video in picture provides unprecedented user experience. The system provides you with the comfort and convenience while yielding exceptional analytical performance and reliability.
The portability of the IRMA® Blood Analysis System and it’s user-friendly App, makes it easy to use in a multitude of clinical settings.
Test Whenever, Wherever.
OR, ICU, CCU, ER, PICU, CVOR, Ambulatory Care, Physicians’ Offices, Pulmonology, Radiology