IRMA LH Blood Analysis System

IRMA LH Blood Analysis System

IRMA LH Blood Analysis System

  • Intuitive, First-of-a-Kind IRMA® App User Interface for Simple Operation
  • Color touchscreen with video tips easily guides you through the testing process.
  • Easy on-board printing and wireless connectivity to external printers and electronic information systems.
  • Best-in-Class Convenience and Reliability with No Maintenance Required
  • Room temperature test cartridges are ready when you are.
  • Solid state operation with no moving parts ensures the highest reliability and is ready when needed most.
  • Zero-means-Zero Maintenance allows you to focus on your patients rather than servicing equipment.
  • Exceptional Clinical Performance
  • Built on the trusted IRMA® platform with over 24 years of experience.
  • Self-calibration prior to each test prevents lost patient samples.
  • Unprecedented analytical performance yielding results 99.6% of the time.
  • Portable Ranges Measured
  • pH
    6.000-8.000 pH units
  • pCO2
    4.0-200.0 mmHg (0.53-26.66 kPa)
  • pO2
    20.0-700.0 mmHg (2.67-93.33 kPa)
  • Na+
    80.0-200.0 (mM, mEq/L)
  • K+
    1.00-20.00 (mM, mEq/L)
  • iCa
    0.20-5.00 mM(0.40-10.00 mEq/L; 0.80-20.00 mg/dL)
  • Hct
    10.0-80.0% (.100-.800 SI)

General Specifications

  • Minimum Blood Sample Size
    0.2mL from a 1cc syringe
    0.125mL from the IRMA® LH Capillary Collection Device
  • Data Storage
    20,000 patient test records
  • Cartridge Storage Temperature

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IRMA LH Blood Analysis System

  • The IRMA® Experience Means Dependability from Start-2-Finish
  • The IRMA® App with the 8″ touch screen with video in picture provides unprecedented user experience. The system provides you with the comfort and convenience while yielding exceptional analytical performance and reliability.
  • The portability of the IRMA® Blood Analysis System and it’s user-friendly App, makes it easy to use in a multitude of clinical settings.
  • Test Whenever, Wherever.
    OR, ICU, CCU, ER, PICU, CVOR, Ambulatory Care, Physicians’ Offices, Pulmonology, Radiology

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