Automated early warning scoring

Do your caregivers have the information they need to identify subtle signs of patient deterioration early? The indications of a patient’s clinical instability typically occur six to eight hours before an event.

An automated early warning scoring (EWS or MEWS) solution can help you identify the subtle signs of deterioration that can indicate a potential serious adverse event (SAE) and automatically re-check those warning signs, using Philips reassurance measurements, to determine if a notification needs to be sent to the appropriate caregivers. By reducing the need for manual record keeping and associated manual scoring calculations, automated EWS can help you identify patients at risk, reduce response times and put time back on your side.

Early detection of patient deterioration (and appropriate notification of caregivers) gives you more time to respond and plan appropiate intervention. EWS can support this. Automated EWS can support making this easy.

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IntelliVue Guardian
Automated early warning scoring system combines vital signs monitoring and software for early identification of patients at risk for deterioration.

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EWS education and training
Get started on an EWS program or optimize your
processes in place to enable your caregivers to react
and respond before an adverse event.

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