452 Radiation Survey Meter

RaySafe 452 essentials

  • Large display

Intuitive user interface with easy to view parameters in bright daylight and dark environments. All parameters in one display for overview and easily accessible settings.

  • Fast response time

The dose sensitive Geiger-Müller pancake enables a fast response time even at very low dose rates while the silicon diodes provide accuracy and speed at higher dose rates.

  • Convenient data storage

The dose rate value is automatically saved every second providing comfort not to lose data and enabling measurement analysis at a later stage. The data can be transferred to PC with the software.

  • Sensitive, stable sensors

Silicon diodes combined with an energy compensated Geiger-Muller pancake provide high sensitivity and stability over a very wide energy and dose rate range.

  • Worry free

Wipe the instrument with a wet cloth or wash under rinsing water thanks to the IP64 classification. The durability and wide temperature range also makes indoor and outdoor measurements possible without worrying about the instrument.

  • Typical applications
    The RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter can be used for many applications including these:
  • X-ray tube leakage
  • X-ray wall leakage
  • Scattered room radiation
  • Contamination measurements
  • Environmental radiation
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Technology
  • As versatile as you are
    The measurement technology of the RaySafe 452 is based on a combination of a silicon sensor cluster and a Geiger-Müller pancake. The instrument has two interchangeable lids (depending on model) to switch between air kerma, ambient dose equivalent and counts. This design makes it a versatile instrument with a wide and flat energy response along with high sensitivity and a quick response time.
  • Flat energy response
    Broad application range
    Compliant with IEC 60846-1
  • Automatic data storage
  • Size Convenient
    The RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter is about 30% lighter than the 451 making it easy to carry and use. It has a built-in integrated handle on the same level as the display so you are able to see the readings at all times. You won’t cover the display with your hand which can be an issue with other models. The buttons are within easy reach of your thumb when holding the device.
  • Typical energy response

Most survey meters do not handle all photon energies equally but underestimate the rate at some energies, while others may be overestimated. The RaySafe 452 provides a flat wide energy response as well as high sensitivity.

  • Flat energy response desired as it does not require adjusting the results
    There’s almost always a spread of photon energies in the radiation beam, making it difficult to use correction factors
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452 Radiation Survey Meter

Key Features

  • Broad application range
  • Compliant with IEC 60846-1
  • IP64 (dust proof and water resistant)
  • Automatic data storage
  • PC software connectivity
  • USB charging
  • Measures alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray
  • Alarm threshold setting
  • Built for indoor and outdoor applications

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