Of course, all medical professionals understand the importance of ventilation equipment. When patients are in life-threatening situations and are struggling to breathe on their own, mechanical ventilators become a necessity. No medical facility can afford to be without good ventilation equipment. Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions explains the importance of quality ventilation equipment.

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Ventilation Is a Matter of Life and Death

Ventilators keep oxygen flowing into the body when a patient is struggling to draw breath on their own. These are not purely for patients who are suffering with bronchitis or pneumonia. There are much more serious pulmonary conditions to consider, such as COPD or cystic fibrosis. Patients with these diseases struggle to produce their own airflow. This is when it becomes essential to have good quality, high-functioning ventilators on hand.

A ventilator is a complex piece of machinery. Aside from the core components – essentially an oxygen tank and mask, together with machinery designed to move the oxygen into the patients’ lungs, they also include intricate parts, such as bacteria and particle filters, air pressure regulators, moisture traps, gas accumulators and more.

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Ventilators from Glenmed Healthcare Solutions

When running a medical facility of any kind, one of your priorities should be to ensure that you have excellent ventilation equipment. Glenmed supplies a complete range of ventilation equipment, from the machines themselves to accessories such as oro-nasal masks and full-face masks. We distribute highly regarded global brands such as the Phillips Respironics and Trilogy lines. We will be happy to help you assess your current preparedness for patients who require ventilation and supply the equipment you need to boost your readiness.

Trust Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions as Your Go-To Provider of Professional Medical Services

Glenmed is a licensed South African distributor for some of the world’s most trusted medical technology brands. Contact us to find out how we can help you equip your medical facility, as well as train your staff and maintain your equipment.

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