The world of medical technology is filled with illustrious brand names. Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions is fortunate enough to represent several of these in the southern African region. Not all of our clients are familiar with all of our brands, and so are not certain how the technology we distribute can help them to improve the level of care they offer their patients. For your reference, here is a quick overview of our leading brands, with a short description of what each one can provide.

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Our Leading Brands

Glenmed represents 15 global medical technology brands. We can’t cover all of them in this short blog, so here we will focus on four of the top brands we handle, and the benefits their products can provide for our clients.

Philips Healthcare

Philips Healthcare is one of the giants of medical technology throughout the world. They have products for almost every field in healthcare, from emergency care and resuscitation to patient monitoring systems and ultrasound. Whatever need your medical facility may have, there is probably a Philips product that will fill it.

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Fluke Biomedical

Fluke Biomedical is the leading global innovator in the field of biomedical test equipment. The company develops all kinds of monitors and meters, including defibrillator analysers, electrical safety analysers, electrosurgery analysers, gas flow analysers, patient monitor simulators, phototherapy radiometers, portable oscilloscopes and more.


RaySafe specializes in the development of testing and metering equipment for radiology departments and other areas where it is vital to test for radiation levels. Its range of solutions, from Radiography Phantoms to survey meters, enable professionals to maintain safe levels of radiation and measure their level of exposure to radiation.


From abionic, we have a single machine that offers incredible advances in rapid testing -and thus rapid treatment – of sepsis. All that is required to get an accurate analysis on the abioscope is a single drop of blood. It is an in vitro diagnostic point-of-care platform with patented nanofluidic technology. This incredible machine can analyse up to fourteen parameters at the same time, in the same drop of blood.

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