The healthcare industry today looks very different than it did twenty, ten, even five years ago. The industry is in a state of constant improvement and transformation as a result of ongoing innovation and technological development. Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions provides an overview of the ways in which technology – particularly, digital technology – has advanced the medical world.

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3 Technology Trends That Are Transforming the Medical World

If a medical professional from a century ago were to time travel to our own period and take a tour of a state-of-the-art medical facility, they would be stunned by what they see. The profession has gone through a revolution in the past one hundred years. Thanks to the advance of technology, the revolution has only accelerated in the past decade or so. Let’s take a look at three technological trends that would make healthcare virtually unrecognisable to practitioners of the past.

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1. Big Data

Data is everything in medicine today. Technology enables the collection and analysis of vast amounts of information. This data and the interpretation of it, enabled by cutting edge digital technology, allows practitioners to make more accurate diagnoses and offer better treatments and solutions.

2. Remote Monitoring and Telecare

This trend was already growing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the virus started to spread and the world went into lockdown, that development simply exploded. Technology is now in place to enable medical practitioners to monitor patients’ health remotely, and also to offer consultation and diagnostics via telephone and video communications. This saves a lot of time and money for patients who would otherwise grow fatigued with constantly travelling to and from hospital.

3. Instant Care

Technology does not only make diagnosis more accurate, it also improves the efficiency of care and treatment. Doctors and nurses can make use of handheld devices to record patient data in real time. Medical histories are updated instantly, and information is made available to practitioners so that they can make better decisions in the moment. Critical patient data is centralised and made readily accessible, vastly improving the quality of healthcare. There is less need to wait for test results and fewer delays or misunderstandings, because practitioners have instant access to more complete patient information.

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