Paradoxically for a period of rest and relaxation, everything gets busier over the holiday season. Particularly if you are planning to take a road trip, the holiday can be a risky time, with a higher possibility of injury and loss. This not something to worry about; it just means that you need to make sure that you and your family are adequately prepared. In the midst of your preparations for the silly season, it is important that you make sure that you are medically prepared for any eventuality. Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions care about our clients and their families, which is why we are offering a quick, easy guide to holiday medical essentials.

Medical Essentials for The Holiday Season

Are you all set for your holidays? Shopping done, vehicle safe and roadworthy? What about medical supplies? Let’s run through the essential medical supplies you need in order to have peace of mind over the festive season.

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1. First Aid Kit

Your first and most important requisite for a safe, healthy holiday is a well-stocked first-aid kit. If you already have one, go through it and make sure that you have fresh stock of all the required items. Ointments, antihistamines, headache tablets and painkillers, insect sting treatments, antacids, bandages and dressings, and more – you should have enough to keep you covered if problems arise. Draw up a list of each family member’s necessary medical supplies and requirements and make sure that you have appropriate medicines and equipment in your kit.

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2. Prescribed Medications

Before going away, make sure that any prescriptions that anyone in your family might need are all filled. Particularly if one of you is on chronic medication, it is very important that they don’t take a holiday from their meds.

3. Homecare Medical Equipment

If necessary, ensure that you have any ventilators, test kits, humidifiers, and more, to ensure that you can test and monitor any ongoing health conditions in your family. Make sure that all is up to date and in order if you rent medical equipment too.

4. Emergency Contacts

Whether you stay at home or go away, have all the necessary emergency medical contacts in your phone. If you are going away, research your destination and get the contact details for nearby hospitals and medical practices.

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