There are times when it is crucial to make an accurate diagnosis on the spot. Up to this point, there are few solutions that have facilitated this. Swiss medical technology company have introduced their abioSCOPE, an innovative new machine that enables in vitro diagnostics in minutes, with only a drop of blood. Glenmed  Professional Healthcare Solutions explains the benefits of this new product.

How the Abioscope Is Transforming In Vitro Diagnostics

The abioSCOPE is a revolutionary in vitro point-of-care platform that uses patented nanofluidic technology to yield results in up to 14 parameters at the same time, using only a single drop of blood in just five minutes. The benefits of this technology should be evident to everyone who has waited for hours either in a care facility or lab for test results to come through.

The instrument consists of a fully automated fluorescent microscope, and a mounting plate (the abioDISC), onto which is placed a single-use disposable IVD capsule is placed. The sample is placed on the IVD capsule and the abioDISC is inserted into the abioSCOPE. The patented nanotechnology then causes the interaction of the molecules in biosensors and form specific molecular complexes. The integrated laser then detect these complexes. Results are then presented on a high-resolution touch screen. Any healthcare professional can use the abioSCOPE in CLIA certified facilities. No extensive training is required. The first abioSCOPE applications were in allergy and sepsis and have proven to be very successful. The abioSCOPE was FDA registered in 2017 and is rapidly becoming an essential tool for diagnostics around the world.

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The Unique Benefits of Abioscope

The abioSCOPE is the fastest point-of-care device in the world, yielding a first result in only five minutes. What’s more, no matter how advanced this technology may be, it is intuitive and easy to use. Clinicians and technicians will have no difficulty operating it, and it involves no pain or discomfort for the patient. It is also a universal platform that is compatible with a wide range of applications. All of the analytical functions that the platform carries out have been clinically validated, and more amazing of all, it takes only a single drop of blood – just a few µL!

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