If you use Fluke survey meters in your medical facility, you may have noticed that your meter readings deviate from time to time. Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions, an official distributor of Fluke Biomedical products in South Africa, explains what those deviating readings mean.

Deviating Readings

If you compare the readings on two different meters, you may sometimes notice that there is a discrepancy between the two readings. There is one primary reason why this happens, and it’s quite easy to understand.

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Differing Response Times

The main reason you will see deviating readings is the fact that your two devices may have differing response times. The 451P needs roughly two seconds of exposure to get reproducible readings on dose rates of about 20mR/h. When the dose rate is lower, the response time is even longer. It can take up to 5 seconds to respond for low dose rates.

The 452 is much faster. It will capture a x10 step increase in dose rate in about 2s, and if the dose rate increase is higher, the response time will be even shorter. This is probably why you will note a higher reading on the 452 than on the 451P. Hence, the 451P has a higher risk of under-estimating the dose rate on the shorter pulses. If you take two readings in environments with these low dose rates, you may well find yourself coming out with different results. Therefore, when you find that you have differing readings on two meters, and the dose rate is in the lower range, it is best to trust the reading you get on the meter with the faster response time.

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