Philips recently released a report called ‘The Future Health Index Insights: COVID-19 and Younger Healthcare Professionals’, in which feedback taken from 500 doctors in the USA, China, Singapore, France and Germany, revealed how younger doctors were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and what they think about the future of the healthcare industry. Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions looks at some of the main findings.

Unprecedented levels of stress

“Healthcare professionals, including the younger generation, have experienced unprecedented levels of stress and were often faced with limited resources in recent months. We must acknowledge the heroic sacrifices that frontline healthcare professionals have endured in the fight against COVID-19. We owe it to them to listen to their voices as we consider the future of the healthcare industry,” said Jan Kimpen, Chief Medical Officer, Royal Philips. After several months of working on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic, young doctors have reported on a number of key issues, presenting interesting insights on how the outbreak will affect the future of the healthcare industry.

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The Rise of Telehealth

Of the doctors who took part in the survey, 61% ranked telehealth as the digital health technology that would have most improved their experiences during COVID-19, overtaking artificial intelligence. Telehealth has become the new normal in the healthcare, and it seems likely to remain standard practice well into the future.

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Greater Appreciation and Collaboration

Younger doctors have reported that the COVID-19 pandemic had the unexpected effect of bringing people closer together. 47% reported that their patients expressed appreciation more frequently. 44% felt that they and their colleagues engaged more collaboratively than ever before. Healthcare professionals with different skillsets have been working together more closely and more openly.

More Digital Technology

Technology has played a bigger role in the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. Younger doctors are hoping that these advancements will become permanent fixtures of their post-COVID-19 workplace environments. When asked what changes in healthcare they most hoped would outlast the pandemic, younger doctors ranked exposure to new types of digital health technologies (29%), new ways to use digital health technologies (29%), greater appreciation from patients (29%), and accelerated availability of digital health technologies (28%) as their top responses.

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