Radiation forms part of essential procedures such as diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. In all of these departments, there are risks as well as benefits attached to the use of radiation. It is necessary to monitor and control the levels of environmental radiation. This has made radiation survey meters essential in hospitals. Fluke Biomedical has marketed a number of radiation measurement instruments, with the RaySafe 452 offering the most benefits for use in hospitals.Glenmed  Professional Healthcare Solutions explains the three main benefits of this innovative device.

Why Do You Need a Raysafe 452 in Your Hospital?

Fluke Biomedical, whose other products we have covered extensively in our blog, have designed the RaySafe 452 to offer accurate and convenient measurement of radiation levels in hospitals, while overcoming several of the challenges that have been identified with older devices. These challenges include the fact that most meters have varying energy responses, are inconsistent when measuring scattered radiation from pulsed sources, and that hospital staff often have to use multiple devices depending upon their various measurement needs. In response to these challenges, the RaySafe 452 offers the following benefits that you will not get with any other radiation survey meter.

Benefit #1: Combines Several Measurement Technologies in One Instrument

Most radiation survey meters contain specific technology, which have to be used in specific applications. Ion chambers are used for leakage, while GM tubes are used to detect spilled isotopes and contamination, for example. The RaySafe 452 seamlessly combines all these technologies into a single device: semi-conductor diodes, scintillators and GM ‘pancake’. This enables it to handle simultaneous measurements of different types of radiation, which means that hospital staff can carry a single instrument, instead of juggling several.

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Benefit #2: The RaySafe 452 Has a Flat Response Rate

Unlike other radiation survey meters, the RaySafe 452 has a flat response rate. The GM pancake and the solid-state sensors inside measure continuously and enable the instrument to overcome the energy dependence found in other meters. Because it uses different technologies simultaneously, it does not suffer from the same technical limitations in older instruments and thus offers more accurate, consistent readings across a wide range of environments.

Benefit #3: Fast Acting And Convenient To Carry And Use

The RaySafe 452 starts up in 5 seconds and takes about 2 seconds to register a reading. It does not require any corrections or manual settings and allows you to focus on radiation protection rather than wasting valuable time on set-up. The interface is designed to be intuitive and shows all parameters in a single view. With the RaySafe 452, you have one device for every situation, meaning less to carry, learn and administrate.

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