Digital thermometers are everywhere these days. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, they are not only to be found in hospitals and other medical facilities. Many other businesses need to use them as part of their health and hygiene procedures. Among the leading manufacturers of these essential instruments is Fluke Biomedical.

The Advantages of Using a Fluke Digital Thermometer

As an official distributor of Fluke’s solutions, Glenmed discusses the three main benefits of the company’s digital thermometers.

Benefit #1: Take Accurate Temperatures Without Direct Contact

Distancing and the minimising of contact has become increasingly important in the wake of COVID-19. The taking of temperatures is equally important but it needs to be done without direct contact in order to maintain health and hygiene standards. Fluke Digital Thermometers make this possible. They are infrared devices that can be held several centimetres away from a person’s body and still log an accurate reading.

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Benefit #2: Light, Compact and Easy To Use

Fluke Digital Thermometers are compact, handheld devices that are easy to carry and easier to use. They can be stored easily in bags or carrying cases and are operated with the simple pressing of a trigger.

Benefit #3: Speed and Accuracy

Fluke Digital Thermometers provide accurate readings within seconds. Some older electronic thermometers had a tendency to take longer to register a reading, and sometimes multiple readings had to be taken in order to establish the most accurate reflection of the target’s temperature. Fluke Digital Thermometers can be trusted to present an accurate reading the first time.

Learn More or Order Your Fluke Biomedical Digital Thermometer

Fluke Biomedical’s Digital Thermometers are designed for use by the general public as well as by medical professionals. For more advice and discussions of medical matters, particularly those relating to medical technology, read our blog. Contact us to find out more about our professional healthcare solutions, including Fluke thermometers and other tools.

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