One of the major concerns when the COVID-19 crisis first struck was that the monitoring, testing, management and treatment of patients would put too heavy a strain on the healthcare system. Indeed, these do put a heavy strain on time and resources. However, new digital, remote monitoring devices and platforms such as the ones provided by Glenmed are helping to alleviate this burden.

Remote Monitoring Addresses the Risk of Managing an Infectious Outbreak

The systems, such as the remote screening and monitoring platform developed by Philips Healthcare, enable healthcare workers to automatically monitor mild cases from a distance, so as to preserve critical resources; provide safe care and intervention for at-risk patients; reduce the risk of further infections; and improve the management of future COVID-19 clusters. Keep reading the blog to find out more.

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Philips’ Virtual Screening COVID-19 tool enables screening for risk factors and symptoms without individuals actually having to go into a doctor’s office or hospital. The tool is designed for those who are low risk and to monitor those with mild symptoms, freeing up hospital space for those showing more severe signs of the disease.

Modern Medical Problems Require Innovative Solutions

Remote patient monitoring allows for ongoing contact with patients after the initial screening. Healthcare practitioners can monitor changes in symptoms or underlying health conditions and risk factors, using surveys and connected devices, as well as providing educational content. Protocols are set in place to prompt and enable timely intervention as the patient’s condition changes.

The 30-day protocol is designed to evaluate and monitor patient populations remotely regarding COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, which can be deployed in addition to the standard or tailored clinical content and protocols that are available for underlying conditions. This allows providers to focus on those patients exhibiting symptoms and risk factors with specific follow-up actions.

Glenmed is Your Partner in Innovative Medical Intervention

Glenmed is a licensed distributor of Philips Healthcare several leading international medical tech brands in South Africa. Contact us for more information.

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