Medical technology advances at an amazing pace and machines are becoming increasingly autonomous and user-friendly. However, they are still just tools and, just like any other tools, will perform best when operators know how to use them properly. It is therefore essential that operators get the complete and thorough training they need before making use of equipment.

The Medical Industry is a Matter of Life & Death

In no other industry is the importance of initial training more important than in the field of medical devices. These devices require highly trained technicians to operate them. Furthermore, turnover among hospital staff is also increasing. This means the group that was trained six months ago can be completely different from the staff that is now using the equipment.

Diagnostic software is classed as a medical device and is therefore subject to the same regulations and guidelines as any hardware. This is one example of why training is so important when it comes to medical devices: to meet the challenges of expanding regulations.

In the highly-regulated and high-risk world of medical devices, anyone involved in using them needs to understand them as well as the industry regulations. All training and QA managers need to ensure that their organisation meets international regulatory requirements for training.

The monitoring of training effectiveness is as important as the training itself, as training is not a once-off exercise.

Initial training forms the foundation for high levels of customer satisfaction.
Make sure you get it right. The staff members who know how to use your equipment will get significantly better results from your devices than a staff that is poorly trained. It is in your best interest to ensure the staff is properly trained.

Staff turnover is a fact of life but the importance of initial training in the field of medical devices cannot be overstated and must be an integral, continual effort.

Training will help employees in various roles improve day-to-day productivity. They will, therefore, meet the challenges of expanding regulations and keep up with the constant advances in the cutting edge technology demanded by medical procedures.

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