Fluke Biomedical recently launched its new RaySafe 452 radiation survey meter, which is set to make life easier for people working in various professions where, quick, simple and accurate radiation measurement is an important factor.

Why We Love the New Raysafe

The RaySafe 452 is an all-in-one solution for radiation measurement, which, under normal circumstances, tends to require different devices across different applications. The beauty of this lightweight meter is that it can be used for purposes ranging from monitoring personnel or equipment working with radioactive materials or radioactive environments, to testing levels in patients undergoing radiation therapy. This latter use is the most salient use of the meter in the medical profession, aiding the work of nurses and technicians in radiation oncology wards.

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Radiation Data Collection is Easier – & More Accurate

The meter offers technicians the following benefits:

Accurate and easy data collections with fast response times;
High sensitivity, which offers the ability to detect variations in radiation within the same environment;
Immediate, trustworthy data that needs no post-processing, as a result of the device’s flat, wide energy response range;
The capacity to save data for later comparison and analysis. Dose rate values are saved every second.

The RaySafe 452 is so Easy to Use

The RaySafe 452 is portable, ergonomic and lightweight, and features a large, easily readable display. It is easy to pack, carry and hold and can easily be cleaned with water without risk of damage, due to its IP64 waterproof rating.

The device is also preloaded with RaySafe View software, which facilitates the transfer of data from the meter to a computer for logging, analysis and storage.

Glenmed is a Proud Supplier of the RaySafe 452

Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solutions is an authorised dealer of Fluke Biomedical products in South Africa. The RaySafe 452 is among the latest additions to the high quality electronic medical equipment we supply on behalf of Fluke – as well as other major international technology developers. For more information on how the RaySafe 452 can make your work better and easier, to ask about any of our products, or to place an order, contact us

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