Philips Healthcare revolutionised ultrasound technology when it introduced its portable, app-based system, Lumify. The technology brought the simplicity of smart devices into the performance of various medical examinations. The Lumify range supplied by Glenmed comes with an impressive set of functionalities and it can take some time to fully grasp all of its uses and benefits.

Help is Always at Hand

To help users, Philips introduced a series of ‘how-to’ videos which offer all the guides and insights you need to make the fullest possible use of the world’s first integrated tele-ultrasound solution. Starting with a general overview and high-level product training, the video series, available on YouTube, also goes into more detailed and specific topics to help you master the technology and its applications. In this blog, we share some of the most useful clips.

Perform a Lumify Exam

This video takes you through your first Lumify ultrasound exam step by step.

Review Saved Lumify Exams

The follow-up video shows how to go back and review previous exams, enabling you to study them more closely, compare them with current ultrasounds or provide a second look for a patient.

Lumify Export Destinations

You need to be able to send each of your exams to a storage destination so that you can retrieve it later. You may also want to send the videos to a different viewing platform. This video shows you how to do just that, along with a guide to the different types of destinations and files. The follow-up video, ‘Export Lumify exams’ then takes you through the next step.

Lumify Tips & Tricks

After running through the basic functions, the Lumify team then show you some additional tips and tricks to really make the most of the system. These range from maximising your device’s battery life to troubleshooting transducer and connection issues.

Chat to Glenmed for Expert Guidance on Lumify Ultrasound Devices

There are eleven videos in the series in total and, watched in sequence, they offer complete training for total mastery of the Lumify system. If this doesn’t answer all your questions, Glenmed is an authorised Philips agent and can offer full support for the Lumify system. Contact us to find out how to buy the system or for any questions you might have.