Glenmed has been supplying and servicing top-end medical equipment for a long time now, with a list of happy customers to our credit.

Why Glenmed is Your Trusted Medical Devices Supplier

If you’re the manager or proprietor of a medical service provider and are in the market for medical supplies, this blog will reveal five reasons why you should look no further than Glenmed.

1. Glenmed Have a Long History of Service

Glenmed was founded 21 years ago and we have continued uninterrupted, growing in strength and building up a list of happy customers with whom we have relationships of mutual support. That’s over two decades – and counting – of excellent service to South African facilities.

2. Glenmed Have a Strong Support Network

Over the years, we have built up unbreakable networks with all our stakeholders, from our clients to our suppliers. We establish relationships with our clients and we draw upon steady partnerships with our suppliers to ensure that we provide the best possible service.

3. Glenmed Represents the Best Manufacturers in the Industry

We are the South African agents for only the best and most reputable suppliers of medical equipment: Philips, Fluke Biomedical, Medisoft, and Newman, among others.

4. Glenmed Offers Comprehensive Product Training

We won’t just deliver and install your equipment and then leave you to learn how to use them on your own. We offer full training to all relevant staff, including two free sessions. By the time we leave your premises, you will be experts in the use of your new gear.

5. Glenmed Offer Excellent Follow-up Support – Contact Us Today!

Upgrades, repairs, replacements, queries – we handle them all long after we have delivered your equipment. Once you purchase from us, you establish a partnership with us. Contact us to discuss your medical equipment needs.