Technology has evolved tremendously throughout the last few years. We can photoshop ourselves into a whole new country, navigate our way easily around a new city and monitor our banking from anywhere in the world. Did you ever think we could use our smartphone as a medical device? Smartphone medical devices are gaining momentum amongst people who would like to monitor their health whilst on the go.


Ways your Smartphone can be Used as a Medical Device

 Here are 4 crazy ways that your smartphone can be used as a medical device to monitor various medical conditions or detect them:


1. A Portable Ultrasound Device

Just when you think they’ve done it all, a smartphone that has the ability to be used as a portable ultrasound imaging system has been introduced. Not only does produce ultrasound imaging of your developing baby, but it is also able to confirm and track your pregnancy. Along with its ultrasound abilities, this smartphone can assess and monitor a variety of issues and be used to guide injection placements.


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2. A Stethoscope

Believe it or not, smartphones are now able to operate as a portable stethoscope that can record and gather data on a person’s heartbeat. It can then transmit this data to the patient’s doctor so that the patient can be assessed. These applications work by recording the body’s inner sounds using only the smartphones microphone; simple yet extremely useful.


3. An Eye Tester

Thanks to high-resolution smartphone screens, we are now able to use our smartphones to not only check our eyesight but also to advise users on the specific type of corrective lenses the individual should consider. A Clip-on eyepiece, available for R100, is all you need. The device is called Netra and is now being sold globally.


4. An Oral Cancer Detector

There has recently been the introduction of another detection device that one attaches onto their smartphone and can then be used to scan the mouth to discover any traces of oral cancer. There is still work being done at furthering this technology to detect lung and skin cancer, which will hopefully be made available soon.


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