Your medical devices are only as good as their accuracy and dependability, which means that they have to be kept in optimum condition to provide conclusive and comprehensive medical diagnostics to your organisation and its patients. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the Fluke medical device testing equipment that could serve you well.

Digital Pressure Meters

Fluke produces three different types of digital pressure meters, bringing compact and lightweight testing equipment to the industry. These high-performance devices measure and analyse the performance of your medical devices to ensure that they are operating at optimum level, at all times, to yield reliable results for your patients. Learn more about Fluke Biomedical’s testing equipment, here.

Electrosurgical Analysers

Electrosurgical (ESU) equipment is critical to performing intensive, high stakes operations within your organisation. As such, you will need powerful testing equipment to test your medical devices with precise power, current, frequency, crest factor and load resistance ranges. Fluke ESU Analysers can ensure your electrosurgical safety.

Neonatal Testing Equipment

Fluke also offers infant radiant warmer and incubator analysers, which are trusted by health technology professionals across the globe. Their pristine reputation as innovators and reliable suppliers has set them up to provide a line-up of neonatal testing equipment that will assure quality in your NICU. Browse Fluke’s neonatal testing equipment, here.

Infusion Pump Analysers

The infusion pump analysers supplied by Fluke demonstrate that preventative maintenance and repair can be done timeously and without difficulty. Their infusion pump analysers are compatible with an array of infusion pumps, ranging from syringe pumps to anaesthesia pumps and more.

Gas Flow Analysers

Additionally, Fluke produce gas flow and respiratory medical equipment testing equipment that operates accurately, and allows healthcare professionals to test their ventilators, flow meters, endoscopic insufflators and more. Find the Fluke Gas Flow Analysers that suit your volume and pressure sensitive application.

Electrical Safety Analysers

Your medical devices can be tested against a wide variety of global standards, according to the needs of your organisation. Accurate and reliable results can be sought using Fluke electrical safety analysers, which help you to meet electrical safety requirements and give the best possible service to your patients.

Defibrillator Analysers

You can ensure the proper operation of your critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment with Flukes compliant, rugged and portable precision testing equipment. Operational excellence is of the utmost priority when it comes to delivering emergency medical assistance. Learn more about Fluke’s defibrillator analysers, here.