It is beyond critical that your healthcare facility’s electrosurgical equipment is regularly tested for accuracy and reliability, to ensure reliable results in theatre and in recovery. You can test your electrosurgical equipment with precise power, current, frequency, crest factor and load resistance by making use of one of the two Fluke ESU Analysers available to you, right here in South Africa.

Below, we will divulge the key features and benefits of the two Fluke ESU Analysers that you can use to increase the accuracy and reliability of your healthcare processes.

QA-ES III Electrosurgical Tester and Analyser

The first of the two ESU Analysers available from Fluke is the QA-ES III Electrosurgical Tester and Analyser, which ensures the performance and safety of ESU units in a simplified yet complete manner. All modern high-power electrosurgical equipment can be tested with the QA-ES III, with generator output accuracy as low as approximately 2.5%.

The QA-ED III ESU Analyser can collect all manner of measurements, from vessel sealing, to contact quality monitor, to high frequency leakage, to output power distribution and more. Additionally, this comprehensive ESU Analyser comes compact with all hardware and software required for testing, already installed and attached. This reduces the clutter and management required for numerous accessories and negates additional costs.

The QA-ES III ESU Analyser is said to be one of the most user-friendly electrosurgical analysers on the market, thanks to its all-in-one features, and wireless functionality (depending on country). Automation can be further increased by purchasing optional Ansur test automation software, which creates and automatically runs tests, captures data and produces easily read reports according to your specific requirements!

You can learn more about the best practices for ESU Analysers, specifically the QA-ES III, at this link.

Key Features of the QA-ES III ESU Analyser

There are several specifications and key features that set the QA-ES III ESU Analyser apart from its competitors and Fluke counterparts. For your convenience, we have listed them below:

  • All critical ESU functions can be tested with precision
  • Measurements can be collected in single and continuous mode
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth allows easy recording and retrieval of data
  • Your facility will comply with global standards, including ANSI/AAMI and IEC*
  • All-in-one capabilities simplify the entire electrosurgical equipment testing process
  • User-friendly interface sports large buttons and LCD screen
  • Extensive memory storage for ongoing use

*Bipolar leakage testing performed with 200W fixed load.

The RF303RS ESU Analyser

This ESU Analyser is the compact and portable cousin to the QA-ES, making it suitable for smaller and needier facilities, or those with a more restrictive budget. This simple ESU Analyser is capable of delivering reliable and accurate results in minutes.

Most electrosurgical equipment can be analysed with the RF303RS ESU Analyser, which measures ESU output and high-frequency leakae, and allows for verification tests on the return electrode contact quality monitors. Additionally, the device has an oscilloscope output for waveform viewing.

This versatile ESU Analyser offers instantaneous output or selectable sample times, to customise the analysis to your specific needs at the time. Instantaneous mode is sufficient for most electrosurgical equipment, but if output reading is not as stable as you would prefer, the signal-averaging mode allows you to manually select two additional, slower sampling times to produce a more accurate reading.

The RF303RS ESU Analyser can be connected with a Fluke Biomedical medTester 5000C for automated solutions, should your facility require. You can learn a little more about the RF303RS at this link.

Key Features of the RF303RS ESU Analyser

In summary, the RF303RS ESU Analyser offers the following benefits to healthcare professionals:

  • RS-232 port for computer control
  • Battery power for isolated measurement
  • Signal-averaging mode for stable ESU readings
  • Backlit digital display with power saving mode
  • High frequency leakage current measurement
  • All existing units are upgradable to the RF303RS model

Why Choose Fluke ESU Analysers from Glenmed?

It is well known that medical equipment in top working condition will assist healthcare professionals in providing accurate and reliable healthcare solutions to patients across the globe. Patient safety is of utmost importance to Fluke, and in fact has led the company to build an extensive selection of innovative testing devices to assist healthcare professionals everywhere in doing their just duty.

For more information on the ESU Analysers available from Glenmed, contact us today for a quote!