Established more than forty years ago, Newman Medical has long strived to deliver reliable, accurate and user-friendly ultrasound solutions to its plethora of clients. A wealth of industry experience has gone into Newman Medical’s range of dopplers, and in this blog, we will highlight the obstetric dopplers they have developed through hard work and intensive research.

Durable and Sensitive Obstetric Dopplers

The obstetric dopplers developed by Newman Medical are equipped with an array of modern features which offer an unbelievable value to your diagnostic capabilities, and that of your institution. The DigiDop Dopplers are a great choice for institutions that need intelligent and user-friendly ultrasound dopplers. Multiple probes are made available so that healthcare professionals can listen to foetal heartbeats all throughout pregnancy and ensure a peaceful gestation.

Multiple Benefits of the Newman Medical DigiDop Obstetric Dopplers

Thanks to years of innovation, Newman Medical offer extremely sensitive foetal dopplers that are durable as well as reliable, making them extremely valuable to your facility. The modern DigiDop offers Digital Signal Clarity which produces clear and sharp foetal sounds that accurately reflect the goings on of the womb.

Newman Medical also offer an industry leading 5-year warranty that covers all parts and labour related to your dopplers. With the reassurance of quality and accessible warranty, your organisation can run with confidence, and deliver lifechanging services to its patients.

The Best Warranty in the Industry

We’re not done discussing this warranty! The durable obstetric dopplers on offer are designed to last many years of everyday use. To assure their clients of their confidence in the device, Newman Medical offer a generous warranty to promise quality and longevity to the customer. Everything from probes to cords is covered by the warranty, so you needn’t worry!

Compare the Newman Medical DigiDop Obstetric Dopplers

Device DigiDop 701 DigiDop 700 DigiDop 301 DigiDop 300 DigiDop 990R
Audio Record Optional Optional Optional Optional
More Info DD-701 DD-700 DD-301 DD-300 DD-990R

For more information on the DigiDop Obstetric Dopplers, you can browse the Newman Medical website. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Glenmed to arrange your next intelligent medical equipment solution.