The VItaScan PD bladder scanner is an intuitive and highly accurate piece of medical equipment that delivers reliable, real-time results. The device offers high-quality imaging, leaps and bounds ahead of older ‘blind’ scanners that merely indicated the position of the bladder.

Capitalising on modern technology, the Vitascan PD bladder scanner has an internal thermal printer, the option to select Easy Mode which yields real-time volume calculations, and a 4-second bootup time comparable to many.

You can learn more about the benefits of the VitaScan PD in the blog below, and why it might just be perfect for your healthcare facility.

Bladder Scanner Depths

The VitaScan PD allows the user to select the scan depth they desire from one button on the scanner, or via the touchscreen. With Easy Mode implemented, you can access real-time volume calculations instantly.

There are three scan depths available:

  • 10cm – Designed for children.
  • 16cm – Designed for Adults.
  • 23cm – Designed for Obese Individuals.

Simple Two-Step Process

The VitaScan PD bladder scanner offers a simple two-step process for healthcare professionals. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Press the button to begin aiming the probe and the device will automatically locate and circle the bladder.
Step 2: Press the button again to obtain an accurate bladder volume measurement that allows you to make a diagnosis.

Unlike other bladder scanners, the VitaScan PD bladder scanner automatically takes multiple plan scans of the bladder. The operator need only hold the probe steady and the volume measurement will appear automatically in approximately 4seconds.

Excellent Usability

Healthcare professionals are in for a treat: the VitaScan PD bladder scanner is extremely user-friendly in many more ways than one. The device supports an Easy Mode feature which greatly simplifies the ultrasound process, so no sonographer skills are needed. Simple, intuitive software allows users to interact with the device with ease, whilst a touch screen display keeps the device modern. One button controls the scanner start and stop, no mess, no fuss.

Complete Portable Bladder Scanner Solution

There are a number of features that work to make the VitaScan PD bladder scanner as complete an ultrasound bladder scanning solution as possible. Below, we have listed the many benefits of the VitaScan bladder scanner:

  • Battery operated, estimated to last 6 hours of continuous use, therefore approximately one week without recharging
  • Real-time results with this 3D Ultrasound Bladder Scanner
  • Automatic Urinary Bladder volume calculation in large digits
  • Fully automatic multi-plane scans from one position on the body
  • USB port to save on external memory device
  • Integrated carry handle and thermal printer

Longevity of the Device

With good care and proper maintenance, the VitaScan PD bladder scanner has a lifespan of five or more years. The system is made up of multiple components, such as touch screen, probe, keyboard, printer and so on. These components can be changed out easily over time, without the need of purchasing an entirely new scanner.

Where to Get Yours

Thanks to Glenmed’s many years of providing professional healthcare solutions, we can offer you access to this portable, accurate and user-friendly ultrasound bladder scanner. Contact us to discuss the requirements of your healthcare facility and how we can help you meet them.