RaySafe have long since valued simplicity and effectivity in their medical equipment, and the fact remains when it comes to the X2 Complete X-Ray Measurement System. The simplicity of RaySafe products comes from a careful balance of advanced sensor technology with electronic wizardry and intelligent signal processing. As a result, our radiation dosimeter system provides accurate X-ray measurements with unbelievable use-friendliness. You can learn more about this intuitive device in the blog below…

Simplified X-Ray Measurement System

With the RaySafe X2 Complete X-Ray Measurement System you can be assured that unnecessary steps are removed from the process, allowing you to take a measurement and analyse the results without any distractions. The need to position the sensor, choose a setting and interpret the results is eliminated with this X-Ray measurement system. The X2 R/F sensor is orientation independent so all you need to do is place it in the X-Ray been and turn it on! The rest is handled by the device.

Sensors with Comprehensive Range

With one sensor and one exposure you get everything you need automatically. The RaySafe X2 offers sensors for R/F, MAM, CT, Survey, and even light applications. You can choose the sensors you need most and add the others if and when you require them at a later stage.
With the X2 sensors, you do not need to select ranges or special modes: the sensors are comprehensive and provide accurate results quickly and without fuss.

Intuitive Interface

The RaySafe X2 sensors and devices are designed to minimise the need for user interaction, meaning the process should be simple and uncomplicated. To provide this kind of no mess, no fuss solution, RaySafe have combined innovative sensor design and circuitry to deliver unbelievable accuracy and sensitivity. Furthermore, our intelligent algorithms indicate when a parameter is outside its specified range, therefore alerting the healthcare professionals that action is required.

Finally, a built-in self-test system ensures that your X-ray measurement system is in perfect working order, thus providing peace of mind and accurate measurements each and every time.

Navigation Made Easy

Every exposure test is saved in the X2 Base Unit so that you can swipe to view the data after each session, and access previous exposures for reference and comparison. A full session of measurements can easily be uploaded onto a PC at a later stage with help of the X2 View software.

You can also expect streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity with the X2 X-ray measurement system, thanks to the RaySafe OneQA™ Workflow Automation Software. This system works to improve the quality and safety of the x-ray equipment whilst giving you efficient and effective solutions.

In terms of the interface, the RaySafe X2 sports a touch screen that allows the user to view and analyse measurement data in a complete and flexible way. The home screen displays every parameter of the attached sensor and allows you to zoom in on any particular parameter for a closer look. Swipe and pinch motions show the user waveforms and zoom detail respectively, whilst a common menu allows for easy global navigation.

Altogether, the RaySafe X2 Complete X-Ray Measurement System is a comprehensive and convenient x-ray testing device that will add value to any healthcare organisation. Contact Glenmed to receive a quote for your X2 Sensor and to find out how we can help you fulfil you healthcare requirements.