In order to test lung function and make accurate diagnoses of patients, healthcare professionals need to have high-quality spirometry equipment at their disposal. Medisoft – one of GLENMED’s many medical equipment providers – has the basic spirometry solution for your medical organisation: The Micro 6000. This device is the economical choice for basic spirometry, clinical trials and simple office spirometry.

Complete Basic Spirometry Device

Medisoft’s Micro 6000 sports a multitude of features that assist healthcare professionals in testing and diagnosing patients. These features include:
• Includes a built-in complete weather station with pressure, temperature, humidity sensors with direct automatic reading.
• High precision, reliable, accurate, stable gold standard Lilly heated pneumotachograph with no moving parts.
• Expair software suite, with complete operator and patient guidance.
• Small and compact module.
• Low cost of operation, low maintenance
• Low cost solution, non-expandable.

Further, Medisoft’s Micro 6000 offers Forced Vital Capacity, Slow Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation and Minute Tidal Ventilation including bronchochallenge testing software.

Combination Capabilities of Medisoft’s Micro 6000

Medisoft’s Micro 6000 can be combined with the following devices: ECG, FeNO+, FOT Resmon Pro, BodyBox, HypAir, SpiroAir, Ergocard Professional, Ergocard Clinical. This allows for more comprehensive patient care.

Complete Software Package

With Medisoft’s Micro 6000 spirometry device, your healthcare facility will benefit from the most intuitive, user-friendly software package on offer from Medisoft! The feature of this software includes:

  • Advanced data array storage allowing re-evaluation and calculation of test parameters, with export and HL7 messaging capabilities for research and integrating to Hospital systems.
  • Full calculation function: display of calculation points with manual correction capability.
  • Quality control automated software, diagnostic functions and full program control.
  • Trend tabular data reporting of any parameter.
  • Interpretation function (GLi 2012 guidelines).
  • Comments and offline input.
  • Online data transfer.
  • Report designer.
  • Predicted value editor, new interpretation algorithm based on LLN, ULN, Z-score and percentile.
  • Choice of languages and units of measurement.
  • Bronchial challenge testing software included.
  • Manual entry of blood gases.
  • Remote assistance using Teamviewer™.

The Glenmed Professional Healthcare Solution

To get the best medical equipment for your healthcare institution, we recommend contacting a healthcare solutions provider such as ourselves to discuss your facility’s needs. Our blog is kept up to date with informative articles about all of our best medical equipment.