Meet the world’s first single-us Point of Care diagnostic device suitable for blood gas analysis on the market. The IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System is portable and easy to use, making it convenient for performing tests to diagnose, monitor and treat patients timeously and effectively.

The blood analysis system from LifeHealth significantly saves time and reduces risk by testing the patients blood gases and electrolytes at the Point of Care, thus obtaining critical diagnostic information in real time and allowing you, the healthcare professional, to act fast and achieve optimal results.

Critical Information in Timely Interventions

The IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System offers a broad range of testing capabilities, including blood gases, electrolytes, and other critical chemistry tests on one robust, self-contained platform with great portability.

Further, the turnaround time for results is as little as two minutes, allowing healthcare professionals to diagnose and intervene early, and achieve the best possible results and patient satisfaction.

Efficient Workflow Improves Economics

The IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System requires no sample transport, therefore there are no delays, patient samples cannot be lost not their integrity compromised. Overall risk is reduced in this way.

Further, healthcare professionals will see a dramatic reduction in the steps involved as compared to central lab testing, this reducing test process variability and creating a ultra-efficient Point of Care testing device.

IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System is Easy to Use

The blood analysis system is equipped with a simple, interactive user interface that guides the user through the entire test process, thus simplifying it.

The Point of Care diagnostic capabilities of the IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System can be conducted in just three easy steps:

  1. Insert the cartridge
  2. Add the sample
  3. Press start button

Not just that, but the device has automatic test data output, thus ensuring efficient test reporting via the built-in printer, and integrated data transmissions to LIS and EMR.

Features and Benefits of IRMA TRUPOINT Blood Analysis System

The IRMA TRUPOINT® System delivers real-time patient results using electrochemical sensor technology and single-use cartridges.

The Features of the IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System:

  • Portable and self-contained unit
  • Battery and/or AC operation
  • Complete menu for various tests
  • Single-use closed system cartridge
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Sophisticated software
  • Bar code capability (added optional)

The Benefits of the IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System:

  • Flexible and portable analysis device
  • Can run wide range of patient panels on one system
  • Cost effective for its capabilities
  • Reduced risk of test variability or compromise
  • Easy to use by healthcare professionals
  • Reduces time taken to test

No Need for Maintenance

The automatic calibration of the IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System allows your team to focus on the patient at all times, rather than the status of the machine. The room temperature test cartridges require no refrigeration, and thus are ready to use at all times. Further, the IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System is highly reliable and the best in its class, meaning you can depend on its service.

Accurate and Reliable

The IRMA TRUPOINT® Blood Analysis System provides accuracy that one would expect from a clinical laboratory, and yields real time results that help you to save lives. The single-use contained cartridges ensure that no carry over or sensor drift occurs, whilst the automatic electronic quality control is customised to fit your facility’s regimen.
Furthermore, the robust design of the blood analysis system ensure reliable operation when it is most needed from your device.

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