Mdoloris has already changed the medical equipment industry with its ground-breaking analgesia monitoring devices and ANI technological developments, which are particularly valuable for keeping non-communicating patients comfortable. Following on from this, Mdoloris have adapted the algorithm of the ANI technology to create the PTA index – a device that monitors the parasympathetic tone activity of animal patients. PTA Index technology evaluates the autonomic nervous system in order to detect discomfort in animal patients and assist veterinarians in delivering effective medical care.

The Expression of Analgesia in Animals

Animals, of course, are non-communicating creatures, at least in comparison to humans. Whilst animals have tell-tale signs for expressing pain such as yelps, wails, barks and whimpers, each individual is unique, therefore pain could previously not be standardised. Formerly, animal patients had no accurate and dependable means of having their discomfort measured. Now, Mdoloris has developed this incredibly useful PTA Index technology for their benefit…

How the PTA Index Technology Impacts Veterinarians

The introduction of this PTA Index Technology means that the comfort of animal patients can be monitored accurately and dependably post-surgery, and optimised for best recovery. Veterinarians can anticipate the painkiller requirements of their patients and assess pain in a standardised manner for a particular species. Where inappropriate methods of pain management where used in the past, PTA Index Technology allows veterinarians to customise and fully satisfy the needs of their patients.

The Benefits of PTA Index Technology

With PTA Index technology from Mdoloris, veterinarians can treat pain as a symptom in animal patients. Where side effects of poor pain management would previously impact the animals healing process, a PTA Index can help minimise over and under dosing, thus improving the chances of recovery and quality of life for the animal patient.
So far, PTA Index Technology has been specified for cats, dogs and horses.

Where to Get a PTA Index for Your Practice

Your organisation can obtain PTA Index Technology directly from Glenmed. We offer a wide range of professional healthcare solutions to assist medical facilities in their noble work. Click here to contact us and find out more about Mdoloris PTA Index Technology and how we can help you.

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