The APO200 CT injectors from Apollo are uniquely designed with advancements in flow rate, heat maintenance, phased injection and safety technologies. Glenmed offers a range of healthcare solutions to its clients, and the APO200 is a dedicated contrast media CT injector that would benefit just about any healthcare facility in South Africa.

’Variable Flow Rate’ Injection Technology

Apollo equips the APO200 with Variable Flow Rate injection technology, unique to the market, which allows contrast media to be distributed uniformly and evenly throughout the region of interest. In this way, the value of the contrast media is maximised and therefore image quality is improved, thus complex imaging is much more manageable.
These variable flow CT injectors from Apollo are especially suitable for Peripheral Run-Off studies, PE studies, and Cardiac CTA studies.

Built-In Heat Maintainer

The APO200 is equipped with built-in heat maintainers which keep contrast media at a convenient temperature, removing the need to ‘cover’ the syringe with a heating device. Better visualisation of air bubbles is thusly allowed, and so follows increased reliability and safety.

’Three Phase’ Injections

CT injectors from Apollo sport two syringes – the A side for contrast media and the B side for saline. Over and above, the APO200 can facilitate three phase injections, whether that be contrast alone, a mixture of contrast and saline, or saline alone. This capability is suitable for Cardiac CTA studies for imaging the left and right heart simultaneously, as well as coronary artery studies.

Smart Ancillary Injection System and Modes

The APO200 exhibits unique smart injection features thus negating the need to enter injection parameters one by one. Healthcare professionals can select the area to be scanned and the CT injectors from Apollo will automatically generate the parameters.

In a similar vein, the APO200 offers multi-phase synergy with its different injection modes. Single syringe contrast injection, contrast followed by saline flush, saline followed by contrast, and simultaneous injections of contrast and saline are all possible with this device.

Safety Features of the CT Injectors

CT injectors from Apollo are equipped with a real ‘pressure sensor’ that permanently controls pressure along all injections, thus increasing accuracy and safety of the procedure.
The APO200 has a clear plastic cover that is designed in such a way that it protects the injector RMS from fluid penetration in the injector head and bearings, as well as protecting the operator’s safety.
Furthermore, the CT injectors are armed with LED lights that allow for easy visual detection of air bubbles!

To round out the APO200’s safety features, the device is designed with anti-drop features to protect the sterility and integrity of the syringe and tubing. The tubing cap collects any drops that form during the procedure, avoiding any mess caused by contrast media.

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