Modern medicine is seeing an increasing need for integration with smart devices and mobile healthcare capabilities. Philips has stepped up to the plate by introducing the portable Lumify ultrasound device, capable of delivering fast, accurate diagnostic solutions no matter the location. Below, Glenmed Solutions have detailed the specifications of the Lumify ultrasound and included some helpful resources for your convenience.

App-Based Ultrasound Allows Accessibility

The Lumify ultrasound introduces high-quality portable ultrasound capabilities to the medical field. This revolutionary device is designed to be app-based and thus incredibly accessible in a range of healthcare scenarios. The Lumify ultrasound allows you the healthcare professional to meet patients at the point-of-care, make quicker diagnoses, and deliver care whenever and wherever it is needed.

Sharing and Multitasking is Simple

Easily connect to patient’s picture archiving and communication system (PACS), or share images, video and notes with colleagues from your handheld Lumify ultrasound either via email or a shared network. The Lumify ultrasound is app-based and therefore allows you greater connectivity to the internet and other resources whilst you work.

Ongoing Support from Philips

Philips strives to deliver excellent customer service. There is a Lumify Support page for users to consult FAQs and product documents that may assist them with any difficulties. Over and above the support page, Lumify ultrasound users are welcome to contact Philips for advice or troubleshooting.

Incredible Quality of Images

The portability of the Lumify ultrasound and its transducers does not impact its imaging capabilities. Decades of expertise and innovation in ultrasound imaging has aided Philips in developing a portable device that delivers high-quality images, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.

Communicate with Confidence

An increased need for data security is not lost on the Lumify ultrasound. The device is compatible with the latest encryption and data security systems and can be made to comply with enterprise data security policies, too. The Lumify ultrasound provides a highly secure connection within and outside the healthcare system to include all types of healthcare facilities, from hospital networks to private facilities.  You can read the Lumify System and Data Security document for more information.

How to Use the Lumify Ultrasound and App

Firstly, download the robust Lumify app on your compatible Android smart devices via the Google Play Store. Secondly, connect your choice of Lumify transducer to your compatible device via simple USB connection. Now, begin scanning with the ensured quality of Philips imaging from your smart device, wherever you are.

Compatible Transducers for Your Lumify Ultrasound

The Lumify ultrasound transducers are designed with 4 to 1, 5 to 2, and 12 to 4 MHz extended operating frequency ranges to suit your needs. All three transducers are equipped with 2D, M-mode, and advanced XRES and multivariate harmonic imaging, with each transducer sporting its own unique features. All transducers also include a replaceable cable and are USB-C transducers themselves.

Lumify S4-1 broadband sector array:

  • 4 to 1 MHz extended operating frequency range.
  • Additionally, capable of colour Doppler functions.
  • High resolution imaging for abdominal and cardiac applications: Cardiac, OB/GYN, Lung, Abdomen and FAST imaging preset optimizations.

Lumify C5-2 broadband curved array transducer:

  • 5 to 2 MHz extended operating frequency range.
  • 50mm radius of curvature.
  • Additionally, capable of colour Doppler functions.
  • High resolution imaging for deeper applications: abdominal, gall bladder, OB/GYN and lung imaging preset optimizations.
  • Centre line marker.

Lumify L12-4 broadband linear array transducer:

  • 12 to 4 MHz extended operating frequency range.
  • Aperture size: 34mm
  • Additionally, capable of steerable colour Doppler and SonoCT functions
  • High resolution imaging for shallow applications: Soft Tissue, Vascular, Superficial, Musculoskeletal, and Lung.

Click here for a global overview of each transducer.

The Lumify ultrasound is a great mobile diagnostic solution for your healthcare needs. Philips’ integrated, portable device is ideal for a changing, multitasking healthcare environment. You can contact Glenmed Solutions at any time to discuss your healthcare solution needs.