Healthcare is changing daily, and healthcare solutions providers need to keep up with new developments so as to offer their patients the best possible care. Philips’ Expression MR400 is one of the most advanced Patient Monitoring Systems ever created for MR purposes, designed to be intuitive and offer paramount support to MR staff. Are you demanding enough from your current MR patient monitoring systems? Keep reading to find out what mountains you and your staff could move with the Expression MR400…

Cardiac Patient Monitoring Systems Like Never Before

The Expression MR400 allows for comprehensive MR monitoring to be conducted in just about any situation and location within your facility. Philips engineers have addressed pre-existing magnetic field and ECG signal issue by installing a proprietary blend of electrodes, signal technology, and upgradeable software in an advanced cardiac solution to meet the unique demands of the MR suite. The Expression MR400 features switchable ECG filtering that is tailored for different sequences and locations in your suite, as well as specific operation modes for adults, paediatrics, and neonates.

Time Saving and User-Friendly Design with Alarm Capabilities

Ideally, there would be no measurable difference between MR and bedside patient monitors, but fortunately, Philips have taken a bold step in the right direction. Expression MR400 allows you to manage your MR patients with a high-level of decision-making confidence in a variety of ways.

Timesaving snap-and-go connections come to MR monitoring of SpO₂, IBP, NIBP, and CO₂ (SINC). Further, these patient monitoring systems are equipped with alarm ‘flags’ with a multi-priority system for technical and clinical alarming. This includes bedside-esque warnings for desaturation, apnoea, and extreme bradycardia or tachycardia. One-touch calculation allows your MR staff to tailor alarms to individual patient requirements.

The Expression MR400 patient monitoring systems are designed with 15” LED widescreen displays that combine vital signs at high resolution with the familiarity and usability of bedside interfaces.

Why You Need a Philips Expression MR400

MRI is growing in its stance as a diagnostic tool, which means that elements of the ICU and OR are increasingly heading to the MR suite. Expression MR400 increases commonality among patient monitoring systems across departments within your facility and makes it easier to connect to hospital IT systems.

Less time will be spent on time charting, and more will be spent on patients. Admission and discharge can be streamlined with automated case management, wireless barcode scanning and easy IT connectivity!

The Expression MR400 patient monitoring systems are extremely advanced and make worthy investments as part of your healthcare solutions. The U.S. News and World Report states that his device is trusted by every on of the top ten children’s hospitals in the United States, who use the Philips Expression MR400 to advance their patient care and care for their patients more effectively.