Glenmed understands that merely reading manuals and pouring over data sheets on a medical device is not enough to fully equip the client to use it effectively. We therefore offer two free product training sessions on our purchased equipment to educate our clients and enable them to help and teach others. Here is why product training is beneficial to your staff, your own clients, and your organisation.

Who Needs Product Training?

Anyone in your organisation can benefit from product training, particularly in the medical field. It goes without saying that the staff that will be operating the medical device will definitely need product training most. This is where Glenmed comes in! We will inform them of the correct ways to handle each device and any changes that have been made from model to model. Two product training sessions are included when your organisation purchases a medical device through us. Even more benefits of product training and knowledge will be discussed below!

How Does Product Training Assist My Staff?

As we mentioned, our comprehensive training equips your staff to properly use of the medical devices your organisation has purchased. However, there are even more benefits to this training that are less perceptible to the untrained eye…
It is a known fact that knowledgeable staff are significantly more enthusiastic and confident, two qualities that go far to uplift your organisation’s patients in their time of need. Furthermore, your well-trained staff will see improvements in their communication skills due to their renewed confidence in the critical service they provide. They will also possess the necessary information to allay any fears your patients may have.

How Does Product Training Assist My Patients?

Your staff members are not the only ones who can significantly benefit from comprehensive product training. Well-informed staff are the best equipped to form trusting, comfortable relationships with your organisation’s clients and patients.
With their renewed confidence and ability to communicate about your medical devices effectively, your staff can allay their patients’ fears and readily answer their questions, making them feel at ease. A positive reflection of your organisation is formed when your patients and clients feel well-informed and trust your staff members.

How Else Does Glenmed Support Its Clients?

In conjunction with the two free product training sessions, Glenmed offers product upgrades on a trade-in basis with the support of Phillips, and we keep you posted about software upgrades relevant to your purchased devices. These advantages allow you to stay up to date and armed with full knowledge about your medical products. This forms part of our efforts to deliver effective after-sales support to our clients nationwide.

All in all, Glenmed strives to deliver outstanding customer service and support. Effective product training equips your staff members to navigate tricky medical and social situations by improving their knowledge of the product and their communicative abilities as well. Enthusiasm is contagious, and we strongly believe that an educated body of staff significantly improves the working experience and the patient experience too. Product training is therefore an important part of client and patient satisfaction. We’ll keep you up to date on new models and software upgrades available for your medical products to keep you on top form. Should you have any inquiries or want to find out more about what Glenmed can do for you, click here.