While most of us can safely agree that medical equipment needs to be both effective and durable, few can argue that these traits are non-negotiable when it comes to incubators. The health of a new-born should be of paramount importance to medical establishments, and this health can only be accurately monitored with the use of an incubator. So, let’s take a look at why to choose Ecola incubators for your neonatal requirements…

Ecola Incubators at a Glance

Things have changed since the first infant incubator was introduced around the turn of the 19th century to a women’s hospital in France. The archaic contraption utilised kerosene lamps to keep premature or weak infants alive. Nowadays, with the introduction of digital information management and electronic control mechanisms, incubators are a far cry from their kerosene-dependant ancestors.

For example, Ecola incubators feature CPUs that electronically control and monitor the atmosphere within the cabinets. Should the system fail for whatever reason, there’s a second CPU ready to take over to ensure consistently optimal incubator conditions.

The Ecola incubators use front and rear double walling with heated air moving between to conserve heat within. An automatic air curtain forms when the access panels are opened, which ensures that no heated air is lost.

Both sides of the Ecola incubators can be accessed at once, and the vertical adjustment facility means the incubator can be set exactly to where you need it for comfort of use.

Ecola incubators feature an 8.4-inch LCD display that presents vital information about the infant and the incubator. This central control hub is effortless to operate and can track statistics including air and skin temperatures, humidity, weight and oxygen for up to seven days at a time.

The cabinet is easy to remove and replace, and has been designed to allow for thorough cleaning and sterilization. Dual storage drawers and a small storage cupboard can be found just below the incubator cabinet.

Ecola Incubators Specifications

Height: 137.6cm to 157.6cm

Width: 103cm

Depth: 57.3cm

Weight: 80kg

Access Door Size: 13cm x 18cm

Tubing Access Points: 8

Temperature Control Modes: Skin and Air

Mattress to Hood Height: 45.8cm

Temperature: 20° to 30° C

Air Velocity: 10% to 95% RH

Humidity: Up to 0.3 m/s

Ecola Incubators in KwaZulu-Natal

We at Glenmed pride ourselves on our ability to provide world-class medical equipment (including the Ecola incubators discussed above) to the KwaZulu-Natal area. For more information on our medical equipment, please get in touch with us here!