With the third world still desperately in need of improved medical facilities and medical practice equipment, large multinationals such as Philips and Fluke are designing medical equipment that can operate efficiently in some of the world’s harshest climates.

Glenmed takes a look at the medical practice equipment all medical centres should have on-site, regardless of whether they’re in a hospital or operating from a solar-powered shipping container…

Basic Life Support Kit

In an article titled ‘Does Your Workplace Have a Basic Life Support Kit?’ we take a look at what a typical life support kit should contain, and why every workplace on the planet needs one close at hand in case of emergency.

Each basic life support kit can be divided into two contents categories – consumables and apparatus.

Consumables are you ‘use and throw away’ items, such as:

  • Bandages
  • Burn dressing
  • Cotton wool
  • Plasters
  • Safety pins
  • Needles & syringes

Apparatus are your ‘use and use again’ items, including:

Blood Pressure Monitor

Another essential medical practice equipment basic is an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, like the Vasomedical BIOX, in order to diagnose hypotension or high blood pressure.

A major advantage of the Vasomedical BIOX is that it is completely battery operated, so it can be used even when the power goes down. As an added diagnostic feature, the BIOX features a memory card that can store readings and tabulate them for long-term blood pressure monitoring.

Another great portable blood pressure monitor is the Philips Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor which is able to integrate with the Philips HealthSuite smartphone application.

Projection Vein Finder

One final medical practice equipment piece to consider is the Vivolight VIVO500S Projection Vein Finder. This breakthrough piece of medical technology makes finding and injecting patients’ veins effortless.

The process uses UV rays that reflect the location of haemoglobin in the body. Once switched on and positioned over the patient’s area of injection, veins show up either as green lines against a dark background, or as black lines against a green background.

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