Up until recent technological advancements in the medical industry, like the introduction of the Vivolight VIVO500S, medical professionals relied on their anatomical knowledge to find and puncture veins when administering injections.

If your patient was rather ‘veiny’, you’d have no issues finding their veins, while injecting individuals with deep-set veins proved slightly more challenging.

Thanks to the ground-breaking medical advancements made by companies like Vivolight Bio-photonics Medical Device Manufacturers, medical professionals are able to completely take the guess work out of injecting patients. Here’s how…

Haemoglobin and Infrared Light

The Vivolight vein finding technology works on the simple principle that human haemoglobin absorbs more infrared light than other tissue.

So, once positioned above the sought-after vein, the VIVO500S projection vein finder bounces infrared light onto the veiny area and projects an image onto the skin.

This allows medical professionals to essentially see veins through the skin, making vein identification for injection purposes practically effortless.


The Vivolight VIVO500S comes with optional floor and desk stands, which are used to ensure accurate vein finding by ensuring the VIVO500S remains steady.

The ground-breaking vein projector also features a unique vein depth detection mode, which uses combinations of flashing lights to indicate the approximate depth of veins.

In the interest of energy conservation, the VIVO500S features adjustable brightness levels. This allows medical professionals to scale the brightness of the vein projection up or down depending on the level of light in the practice.


The Vivolight VIVO500S is light and portable, as well as rechargeable, making it the ideal vein projection device to improve medical attention in rural Africa.


Brightness: Adjustable
Infrared Wavelength: 940nm & 850nm
Optimal Imaging Distance: 210nm (max); 30nm (min)
Image Resolution: 856 X 480 pixels
Power Source:
Rechargeable Lithium Battery or AC
231mm X 65mm X 62mm

Dependable Medical Equipment in KwaZulu-Natal

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