When it comes to moving patients from one section of a medical centre to another, portability of their patient monitor systems will determine how rapidly you are able to do so. Philips have come out with a family of exceptional patient monitoring systems – the Philips IntelliVue range of bedside monitors, central stations, and mobile applications – that make the moving and monitoring of patients much easier! Glenmed takes a look at the IntelliVue X3 patient monitor here…

Improved Medical Efficiency

The Philips IntelliVue X3 has been designed to improve efficiency in the medical context, by reducing the number of steps required to prepare patients for transportation. This helps to streamline workflow and boost efficiency, negating the need for changing patient cables before and after transportation.

With over one million Philips IntelliVue X3 patient monitor systems sold since its introduction, one can rest assured that this system is trusted and extensively used by medical professionals across the globe. The IntelliVue X3 is highly modular, featuring a slide-out drawer design which makes all the components easy to access, remove, and transport.

Effortless Operation

Thanks to the Intellivue X3 patient monitor’s touch display, it operates much like a mobile phone. The operator can flick through various screens depicting various medical information, and one can customise each screen to display exactly what is required.

When it comes to ease of use, few patient monitor systems come close to the IntelliVue X3. In an independent study, 86% of participants shared that the device’s interface is intuitive, feels modern, and is as easy to use as their smart phones.

Instant Scalability

Just like you might connect a smart phone to your television set to look at holiday photographs with the family, should you prefer to monitor your patient on a larger screen – the IntelliVue X3 allows instant up-scalability to a standard, high-resolution screen in the form of the Philips IntelliVue XDS remote display.

With the use of measurement extensions, you can effortlessly add and remove patient medical information (invasive pressures, temperature, cardiac output, capnography) from the display. This means the X3 can expand its patient monitoring capabilities to suit higher acuity patients.


Below are some general Philips IntelliVue X3 patient monitor specifications:

Size (with handle): 24.9cm x 9.7cm x 11.1cm
Weight: 1.4kg (with battery pack)
Screen type: Active matrix colour LCD with capacitive multi-touch
Screen resolution: 1024 x 480
Screen composition: Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla glass
Number of measurement waves: Up to 5 (or 12 ECG waves)

World-Class Medical Equipment in KwaZulu-Natal

Glenmed is authorised to distribute Philips patient monitor systems in KwaZulu-Natal, and we do so with dedication to improved healthcare and commitment to our valued clients in mind. Our Philips patient monitoring solutions are known for improving productivity in the medical workplace, ensuring that medical professionals are able to deliver medical attention of the highest quality. Contact Glenmed right here for more information on our patient monitors.